Pay Per Click Advertising and Management Services in Texas

What do you understand by Pay Per Click?

Pay per click is an internet advertising model designed to direct traffic to websites whereby an advertiser pays a publisher anytime an ad is clicked. A good example of this advertising model is Google Adwords. Google Adwords is designed for business owners who do not want to wait for 3-6months for SEO results. Google Adwords works like SEO in that it involves users searching for you. The advantage of Pay Per Click is that it kicks in fast to grow your business.

Here’s how we do it

Highlighted are steps we go through to manage your Pay per Click:

If you would like us to manage your Adwords campaign, we charge a $0 fee to research the campaign, write the ads and CTAs and set up everything. Our monthly management fee is 25% of your overall spend. *Minimum ad spent: $400 This means if your overall spend is $2,000, the management fee is $500 and $1,500 would go to Google. You will have monthly calls with our team to go over campaign performance, goals and strategies. We recommend starting with a $500 – $2000 monthly Ads budget